Latex Grenade Album Hits Stores April 6th, Already Having Great Preliminary Reviews

March 29, 2012
Rockers out of San Diego have done it again with another great album! The early screening of their debut full length album, Going Green, set to hit stores April 6, has received some great reviews and the band is full speed ahead for their album release party at the 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach April, 6.
The band’s instrumentation has really progressed from the last album, and there is a lot of interesting themes presented, while at the same time still preserving their style, according to critics. The band’s last release in 2010, having only 5 songs, was strait forward and to the point. This new album, Going Green, expands on melodies and takes the listener to an elevated level with intense break downs and fascinating polyrhythms. Their powerful gang vocals and catchy choruses  prevail through the entire album giving a diverse sound for many different kinds of audiences.
“This album has really been a surreal experience,” exclaimed Geoff Davis, “I look back at the beginning of Latex Grenade and I am just so proud of how far we have come as musicians. The times have been very rough for us and the rest of the world, and I feel this album truly expresses this. You can feel the sheer frustration in our music at times, and I think that people will really be able to relate with our intensity. Never Give up, ” he finished.  
Grab your copy of the album on itunes, April 6. 
Here’s the Trailer for their release:
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