Latex Grenade Headlines 710 Beach Club April 26, heading out with a bang before Album Release in the Summer

Latex Grenade is going out with a bang for the Spring at the 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach where they will be headlining Friday, April 26th before they return to the studio to record their 3rd album. “We are really excited to return to the 710 Beach Club,” Geoff exclaimed,” It is one of our favorite spots in SD to play and always has a great crowd and good energy.”



The San Diego Native band, King Legend will be opening the night off right, and SD Loc Dog, DJ Will Duka, will play behind Latex Grenade, keeping the energy high for the evening. SAPPORO BEER will be featured with $3 beers on tap, and many more special surprises to come including gift cards and high prized giveaways.

Be ready to see Latex Grenade throw some new songs your way as well, as they did at the Casbah last week.

Doors 8:30PM, $5. BE THERE.

Latex Grenade Set to Rock The Casbah April 8th Downtown and Live Broadcast on FM94/9 April 7th

Latex Grenade takes off at the Casbah April 8th 9PM, returning to San Diego for the first time this year with a new song premier and FM 94/9′s own, Tim Pyles, Hosting the event. A rare sneak peak of their highly anticipated new album slated for a summer 2013 release date will be premiered, so don’t miss out! ” I can’t wait to return to the Casbah after all these years,” Geoff stated, “The culture in there is top notch and the high energy of our music should really get this music scene goin’ on Monday,” he finished.

Listen to Latex Grenade’s live broadcast on FM 949/9 Sunday April 7th at 9pm discussing what’s next and what to expect with their new jam!


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Latex Grenade Hits the Stage With Wes Borland’s Black Light Burns at the Whisky Ago Go Monday Night

ROCKERS OUT OF SAN DIEGO, Latex Grenade,  return to the infamous Whisky Ago Go in West Hollywood Monday night October 1st, to open up for Black Light Burns. Black Light Burns is Wes Borland’s new project since his departure from Limp Bizkit in 2002. “Its always exciting to make it back to the Whisky,” Latex Grenade’s front man, Geoff Davis exclaims, ” we know the scene up there in Los Angeles, and it is a great way to scratch the surface for some more big shows to come”. Latex Grenade will hit the stage at 7:45 pm sharp.

Latex Grenade is fresh off the runway from an incredible couple of months, headlining at The Ruby Room, The Jumping Turtle, and being one of the finalists in the San Diego Entrepreneur Day Bands In Town Battle of the Bands 2012. They have recently teamed up with Mirus Promotions ( and have hit the streets running with beautiful women and interactive media to push the Latex Grenade name into the hands of their fans. Mirus Promotions, originally is a San Diego based Promotional agency that specializes in personal selling and human contact  enabling companies to get their products into the hands of their target audience and market segment.


See you guys Monday night October 1st at the Whisky Ago Go 7pm!