Tin Can Ale House, San Diego, CA

Latex Grenade Hits the Tin Can Alehouse Friday October 24th 8:30PM


Latex Grenade is playing their first show in San Diego since being back from their national tour. October 24th at the the Tin Can Ale House on 5th and Fir, Downtown San Diego, is the place to be. With a new album coming out, they have a few more songs to rock out to. ” I am really stoked to play at the Tin Can, Geoff added, ” Its one of the only spots in SD that has a good music scene. Its a nice and small spot, so their will be some serious high energy in the building”. Get out early. The show will be sold out because of its limited sized.

Opening Bands TBD

A Man with a Big Heart – The Turtle Creek Tavern

Phil, Turtle Creek Tavern

This is Geoff and I have to give a shout out to this guy. Meet Phil. He is the owner/partner at an awesome new venue called Turtle Creek Tavern in Columbus, OH. Anyways, we played at the Turtle Creek Tavern w/ Bad Remedy and had to leave immediately after the show to get down to Jackson, TN, to play with Smile Empty Soul the next night, which was about a 10 hour drive on our bus. When we arrived at the show in Jackson and began setting up our gear, I realized that I left my bag containing all of my cables, pedals, picks, strings and straps at the Turtle Creek Tavern in Columbus, approximately 600 miles north. Knowing that we still had 6 or 7 shows left on the tour, this posed to be quite the predicament, not to mention, I didn’t have anything to play with for the show with Smile Empty Soul that night. I ended up borrowing the bare minimum amount of cables and got through the show. The next day, I called Turtle Creek and spoke with Phil. I told him my predicament and that I would pay whatever it took to ship it to St. Louis for our next show. Phil shipped my bag out to St. Louis that day within an hour of talking to me. He then told me no to worry about the cost because he took care of it.

Traveling as a musician on the road is so incredibly exhausting on all levels, particularly from a financial stand point. At a time where I couldn’t have needed a break more, Phil was there for me, and I am so glad to have met him. We will return to Turtle Creek. Thanks for the incredible hospitality, Phil.



The Last Few Shows in Middle America

We had an interesting Journey heading back west. Check out some of the people and weird shit we came across.

Louisville and Columbus W/ Bad Remedy

We charged all the way through Louisville and then Columbus, OH. Check out some photos we snapped.

Journey Through Nashville

We stopped in the music capital on the way to Louisville. Check out some pictures from our brief stop.


Memphis, TN. Journey Through the Motherland

We ended up on the wrong side of town in west Memphis. We were sick of driving, though, so we said, “Fuck it, lets just have a picnic here”.  Then we played a show. There’s a brewery in there somewhere.


Jackson, TN Jam Session

We drove from Austin, TX to Jackson, TN straight. Yeah, long drive. However, we had a great night and met some cool people. We were invited back to play Sunday and open up for Smile Empty Soul. Peep out some pics.


Day 4, Austin TX

We got a chance to have one more off day until our shows this week in Jackson, Tennessee and Memphis. We went out in the town and hung out with one of our good friends Tay Allyn